The Work of Shailesh Dash Reflects Some Interests of Global Investors

International asset management service is a fascinating but complex topic for business majors and individuals who hope to one day work in this field. People who are intrigued by international business may be interested in reading about fund manager shailesh dash, the founder and chief executive officer of Al Masah Capital Limited and other financial service institutions. Based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Dash has extensive experience in these types of entrepreneurial ventures.

A Demanding Career

A person who is pursuing a career goal in this realm will want to learn everything he or she possibly can about investment management. The work is demanding and requires quick thinking and the ability to be flexible with decision-making when markets grow volatile.

Alternative Investments

One point of interest shown by Mr. Dash and numerous other asset management professionals is the alternative investments sector. These products can be risky, but, overall, highly profitable for those who can ride out large price swings and accept a loss when necessary.

MENA Alternatives

An example involves investment in certain kinds of businesses located in the Middle East and North Africa, an area known as the MENA region. An example of a specific investment would be in the real estate category for educational facilities and student housing, as this is a lucrative part of the market in 2018. The traditional market has long focused on residential, lodging, stores and office buildings.

Healthcare facilities also are considered alternative investments in this category for MENA, with an expected growth rate of nearly 3 percent per year. More money will be spent on roads and other transportation systems as well as communication infrastructure.

Expert Insight

Experts in world finance are keeping a close eye on this area, with economic improvement there offering investment possibilities for portfolio managers, mutual funds and individual buyers. Investors have always had the opportunity to choose international funds and securities as part of their portfolio, but a significant amount of attention has not been directed to this region until relatively recently. Economic growth in MENA strongly benefits residents of the region as well as global investors.

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